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Changed the layout if you couldn't tell. If you like it then please comment. If you don't then comment too saying you don't and tell me your ideas. Cuz this IS a community and everyone needs to have there opinions about it.

NEway... Church was a bit boring today, the band sucked. There were no drums and that was sad cuz thats like the best part.

Mom said Adam could come over today after church. And so I cleaned my room and everything for him and then i caleld him to tell hi he could and he said...
Ali: " Hey! Guess what? Mom said you could come over!"
Adam:"Well, My brother and his friends and Me were going to go play football."
Ali:" Um....okay?"
Adam: "But maybe when were done?"
Ali: "whatever"
Adam: " Well I will call you okay?"
Ali: " Just forget it."
Adam : "whats wrong?"
Ali: "Nuthing I sware."
Adam: "U sure?"
Ali: "Yes. I g2g.....bye"

As you can see, I am clearly a little bit mad but he doesnt know that. But then I feel selfish cuz I mean of course his freinds come before me but still....oh well.

G2g.....morgan is coming over. Peace Home diggity's!

-ali jo-
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