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:D Im cheating.

I am writing in this sucker for the first time in like....forever.

And I am doing it mostly for Jessica so you better be proud!

Alot has gone on since my LOOOOOOOOOOONG vacation...I really like Adam. He seems to really like me too. We had LOTS of fun at Mary's on Friday night. Sept for I was REALLY tired in the morning for cheerleading.

Speeking of cheerleading, I have been exceptianially good. I have been landing my standing tucks IN the routine WITH the rest of it. That is very good folks. Lauren didn't have too good of a pratice Saturday so her mom took us to Carrabba's. :)

I am not going to church today. I am such a sinner. But my sister has a soccer game so, yeah. I really like watching her. She is peeeeeeeeeeerty good.

We have homework on the weekends. I am sick of it already. I miss the old 7th grade rules when we could just go outside and play on Friday and had no Homework unless it was aproject on the weekends. And I mean projects dont really count becausethey are fun and homework isn't fun.

Lauren Crawford has a new journal if you didn't already figured it out. Oh and we could still use some pepople in our Community so don't be SHY!

Well I am out, I will try and try and try to write tomorrow, but I have cheerleading and homework so I dunno if I will have time. But I will TRY and that is all that counts.:D Cyins.

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