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HEY! Its...Monday.

I wish it were Friday.

IM FINALLY WRITING IN THIS THING! I am going to try my HARDEST to write in this a lot more. AND EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS TO TOO cuz we need to keep this baby alive now that its all sexy and everything.

Today was an OK day. Mrs Bryson is gone and I finished ALL my homework and work for the next 2 days in her class. WHEW thats a load off the shoulder.

I still need to do my math hw...but it should be real easy.

I have hw in science for a change. I dont think im gonna do it. I dont take his class real seriously :-/

I got a C on an important thing in bumgarners. Im worried about that grade hehe.

Well I cant wait to go to sleep so I'm going to get all this stuff done.

<3 me*
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